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   Welcome to the world of ventilation and drive expert. With the goal in becoming a worldwide innovation leader in LED lighting and LED thermal solutions, bluetooth and GPS solutions , fans and motors and other thermal solutions , GTS-Prima has the ideal thermal solutions for virtually all ventilation technology and drive engineering missions. If we do not have it already, our more than 50 engineers and technicians will work out a most proper one for you. We established our branches in Tai Wan, Hong Kong, Northern China, Southern China Mainland, in order to work out better thermal solutions for global world. GTS Industry Group Limited has specialized in designing and manufacturing in LED lighting and LED thermal solutions, bluetooth and GPS solutions , industrial cooling fans, AC/DC fans, AC/DC blowers, Cross-flow fans, fan filter/fan guard so on fan accessories, heat pipes, heat sinks, shaded pole motors, CPU/VGA /Chip /Case /Server/LED Coolers, air conditioners and other thermal solutions, moreover GTS-Prima has been providing OEM/ODM production services for many overseas customers and we won a very high reputation. Our products have the following features: low noise level, low power consumption, light vibration, long life, large airflow, high air pressure, easy to installation etc. Customized orders are welcomed. We can make products as per clients' requirements in terms of IP function, PWM, alarm high/law, speed sensor, speed control, temperature control and other particular and additional functions. The product have good performance, light noise, light vibration, long life, easy to installation. The main using is in auto-equip...